Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Lopes and Popiah

A bit of traditional and classic touch this time, we choose two traditional dishes for breakfast; kuih lopes and popiah. Hot tea is always the best companion with this kuihs.

Popiah is fresh spring roll common in Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia. The filling is mainly finely grated and steamed or stir-fried turnip, jicama (known locally as bangkuang), which has been cooked with a combination of other ingredients such as bean sprouts, French beans, and lettuce leaves, depending on the individual vendor, along with grated carrots, slices of Chinese sausage, thinly sliced fried tofu, chopped peanuts or peanut powder, fried shallots, and shredded omelette.

Kuih lopes is a Malay glutinous pudding desserts coated with fresh coconut flakes and served with palm-sugar syrup.

*Popiah and kuih lopes from Ella Popiah, Bangunan Larut Matang, Taiping.
Breakfast location : Taiping Lake Garden 

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